Local bus services are available and are constantly improved to meet the increasing demand by a larger part of the population.

Taxis can be a preferred way of transport as they are readily available and much cheaper than in Europe. For example a taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, a distance of approximately 130km costs between 40-50 euro each way.

The Dubai Metro has been operational since 2009. It is a driverless automated metro rail network that runs on elevated viaducts and underground. It currently has two lines with three more planned in the coming years.

Rental cars are also available and can be rented upon presentation of a passport and driving license. Expatriates however with a residency visa need to obtain a UAE driving license. This process normally involves presenting a driving license translated into Arabic, passport and UAE visa. One point to be aware of is that the passport and license must be issued by the same country. 

View the Road and Transport Authority’s guide to using the Dubai Metro here: