Meetings and timings

Meetings can be confusing affairs as they are often subject to unforeseen interruptions and alterations. Don’t expect the standard western approach of meeting room, punctuality, agenda, action points etc.

It is not uncommon to arrive at your meeting to find your host in a meeting with several other people and that these other people could be meeting your host about completely disconnected issues. This process can make meetings very lengthy and it can be a little frustrating if you don’t get the complete attention you feel you deserve. Some people recommend setting up meetings at the up-market local hotels where you can serve coffee and refreshments – and where you are less likely to be interrupted as frequently! When the relation is built it is wise to have the meetings outside business places in order to be more effective.

It can be hard work to book meetings. They should never be booked too long in advance as they may be forgotten about or overlooked. It is never enough to book once and then take it for granted that it is done. It has to be followed up and reminders may have to be made several times.