As the number of expatriates and tourists has been increasing over the years, a wide range of recreational, leisure, cultural and entertainment options have been developed.

There is a number of facilities that caters for a variety of sports from tennis to cricket, through to watersports and golf.

Dubai is famous for its malls and shopping facilities which are widely spread throughout the country and aim to offer a unique shopping experience. Souqs – traditional markets can also be found and offer a feel of the culture. Entertainment facilities such as cinemas can be found in most of the malls. There are also a few museums and theatres.

Various events and festivals are organized both for adults and children as well as concerts by big name entertainers.

Bars and restaurants offer a wide selection of cuisines. Alcohol is mostly available in bars licensed to serve alcohol within the hotels.

Mall of the Emirates, boasts indoor skiing facilities however skiing can also be taken on the sand dunes. Desert safaris, camel racing, camping, dinner cruises, are all alternatives for a fun weekend.  Furthermore, Dubai’s location offers a base to explore nearby countries and further East, for long weekend escapes to nearby Arab and Asian countries.